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Smart Foster Parenting

Are You Ready To Make A Difference?

Who Are We?

We’re Ben and Deb Pugh. We’ve been foster parenting for 7 years. Unfortunately, however, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that we started foster parenting the smart way. In fact, at first we were just hanging on for our lives. We got burned out, and we quit, swearing that we would never foster again.

Only, there was one big problem! We knew that we were needed, and how could we turn our backs on all of the foster kids that needed us? We new that we needed to become foster parents, again. Only this time we had to do it differently. We had to do foster parenting the smart way!

When we decided to start foster parenting again, we made a decision to dedicate ourselves to becoming the best foster parents we could be and to help others do the same. A short time later we started our blog and podcast with the specific goals of improving ourselves as foster parents and sharing our journey to help others do the same.

We Can Help!

If you are burned out, feeling stuck, and thinking that quitting is the only way that things are going to get better, we can help. We’ve found that when foster parenting becomes just “too much”, it’s a sign that changes need to be made in your foster home. We’re not talking huge changes, just little changes that will have a HUGE impact. We help foster parents regain peace in their homes, find direction when they feel lost, and rejuvenate themselves for this ever important calling called parenting. We know it’s possible and we can help you!

Our tools are unique, and they really work. We use our 7 years of foster parenting experience, our epic wins and our epic failures, and our experience of helping other foster parents just like you to constantly create individualized tools that work. We know what it’s like to get burnt out. We’ve been there. But, with a few simple tools we can help you get regain control and regain your desire to continue on the journey of being a foster parent.

We Love Helping People Like You.

We know it’s hard being a foster parent, but we also know just how badly every foster parent is needed. It has been our pleasure to develop friendships around the country as we help those friends become better foster parents. We personally know the joy and satisfaction that comes from being “That Someone” in the lives of foster kids who need you.

What Do We Have To Offer You?

We try and help as many people as we can. To make this possible we offer our help in as many forms as possible. Here’s just a few examples:

  • We offer:
    • a FREE weekly podcast called “The Foster Parents’ Podcast.”
    • FREE regular blog posts,
    • Our quick FREE Mini Course: Smart Foster Parenting to help you start foster parenting smarter,
    • Affordable membership in our private foster parent support group, and
    • a 6 Week “Smart Foster Parenting” coaching group.

We offer all of these options because we know that with a little bit of direction, consistency, and support, you can be the foster parent that you want to be, without feeling burnout and overwhelm.

Click the HERE to learn more about our FREE Mini Course: Smart Foster Parenting.