Do you ever feel burned out with doing foster care and wish that you knew what to do?

Our first few years of foster parenting were so tough. We did so many things wrong. Those early days were so hard and frustrating, but they gave us invaluable experience. They made us better foster parents.

It is now our mission to help not only our own foster teens, but every foster parent and foster teen that we can. Please join us and help us make foster parenting great again!


Smart Foster Parenting

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TFP059-Highlights From Summer Break
TFP059-Highlights From Summer Break
November 14, 2017
Summer's over. Now it's time for the real FUN! Highlights from our summer. Our longtime foster daughter graduated from high school and Utah Youth Village. Ben's sister, who was adop
TFP058-9 Tips: How to Be Nice to Your Kids
May 26, 2016
Nice is Not Always Easy We know that being nice to our kids is not always the easiest thing to do. We get grumpy and we get emotional and we say or do things that we regret and are not nice...
TFP057-5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen
May 19, 2016
Get them to Listen Without Yelling Every parent wants to get their kids to listen. Sometimes we just don't know how to get the results we want. Sometimes I just want to amp up the volume an...

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