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Episode #30 – Communicating during the Holidays

Continuing on with our theme of making sure the holidays are relaxing and not super stressful, one of the big things we recommend is to communicate. 

Who should you be communicating with?Holiday_Communication

  • The Foster Youth in your home:
    • Let them know what the plan is or give them a heads up about what is going to be happening during the break from school and what your family will be doing during the holiday.
    • It is essential to communicate expectations before had for things like family parties, church parties, and the school break.
  • The Bio-parents of your foster kids:If your kids have visits for the holidays, communicating about what times and days these are going to take place is essential.
    • Let them know what skills you are working on with your kids and what behavior they should have during the visit. We also make sure that the parents know they are welcome to call us and get help with anything during the visit.
    • We like to make sure to take pictures of all of our family activities and share these with them. I think about if my kids weren’t home for the holidays it would be nice to get pictures of how things are going.
  • The Caseworker:
    • Make sure the visits with the family have been scheduled and approved with the caseworker.
    • We like to make sure to take pictures of all of our family activities and share these with the caseworkers too.
  • The Teachers:
    • One last point, winter break seems to come 2-3 weeks before the end of the quarter for a lot of schools.
    • If foster kids are behind in school, communicate with teachers and get work for them to get caught up on.
    • This will help keep foster kids busy and on track over the long break.


  • Plan ahead and communicate with everyone as needed.
  • Take some fun pictures and share them with your foster kid’s family and caseworker.

Thanks so much for listening. Stay tuned next week…

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Ben & Deb Pugh
The Foster Parents