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Episode #49 – How to Create a Rewards System Part 1

One of the questions that we get the most is something along these lines: “My foster kid won’t do [fill in the blank]. What punishments should I use?” The answer is simple. Stop punishing and build a rewards system.

Benefits of the Rewards System

I think here is a good place to look at some of the cons of punishing compared with the benefits of rewarding.

Punishments teach kids to lie, attempt to escape negative consequences, and it hurts positive relationships. Punishments motivate with fear. I’m not saying that there will never be a time to punish, but an effective rewards system can all but eliminate any need to punish.

Rewards systems teach kids to be honest, self accountable, and it builds positive relationships. Rewards systems also motivate kids out of a desire to achieve.rewards

How to create your rewards system in 6 easy steps, even if your foster kids are very unmotivated. Part 1

Step 1/6: Identify Motivational Rewards  Your Foster Kids Like.

  • This has to be something that they want.
  • Something they believe that they can achieve.
  • Something you can provide.

Step 2/6: Identify Strength Behaviors To Increase or Improve.

  • This needs to be something that they are already doing really well.
  • This also needs to be something that you will notice.
  • This could also be something that they can improve on.
  • This is where you will be UBER POSITIVE!

Step 3/6: Identify Focus Behaviors To Change and Improve.

  • One of the ones that we often use is “Following Instructions.”
  • This should be something that would improve their behavior and their experience in your home.
  • This needs to be something that you can focus on for weeks at a time.

Call to Action:

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