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Episode #50 – How to Create a Rewards System Part 2

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Anyways, sorry to leave you hanging. We try and keep our podcast at a decent length. We know your time is valuable. So, as promised here is part 2 of How to Create a Rewards System. If you missed Part 1, you can listen to that by clicking Here!

How to create your rewards system in 6 easy steps, even if your foster kids are very unmotivated. Part 2

Step 4/6: Get Buy In rewards systems

  • Let everyone involved know about the new rewards system.
  • Explain the benefits.
  • Get foster kids excited!
  • Get bio parents, caseworkers, and others on board.

Step 5/6: Teach To The Behaviors 

  • When you can’t reward teach!
  • When your foster kids use Strength Behaviors, teach them why they’re important. 
  • When your foster kids don’t use Focus Behaviors, teach them how to and why they are important.

 Step 6/6: Deliver Motivational Rewards for both strength and focus behaviors! 

  • Be SUPER Positive!
  • Really reinforce the behaviors that you are developing.
  • Be consistent.

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