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Family Activities makes foster care more FUN!

I know we are here to talk about family activities, but our podcast is 1 and we’re excited. In the immortal words of the cartoon Frosty the Snow Man, “Happy Birthday!” That’s right, our podcast is now 1 year old.

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There’s one thing that makes everything a little better.

When things aren’t quite going like we would like them to, we’ve found that family activities are a good tool to get things back on track.

Here’s a few of the benefits:

  • Family activities are fun!
  • They help build positive relationships,
  • They can be a reward,
  • They can be good exercise,
  • They are a good opportunity to get to know some of your foster kids’ friends.

How we do it.

We like to plan our family activities out in advance in a family meeting. This gives everyone a voice in the discussion.

Here are a few things that we discuss when planning family activities:

  • Sometimes we discuss what our family activity should be.
  • Other times we discuss what they outcome should be.
  • Sometimes we discuss what we are going to do to make a big activity work.
    • Maybe we all do extra work around the house to pitch in and make it possible.
    • Maybe everyone will have a specific responsibility for the activity, like popping popcorn, picking up blankets after a movie night, and so on.
  • Some times we will simply discuss the pros and cons of having family activities.
  • Basically, you want an open discussion where everyone can play a part.

It is amazing how much more teens are willing to participate in family activities when they have helped plan it.

Some of our favorite family activities.activities

We try and do family activities every week. Sometimes it is something big like a camping trip or vacation. Other times it is simply a movie night or an after noon at the park. The important thing is that you make it happen and happen often.

Here’s a quick list of some of our favorite family activities:

Join us in a movement!

That’s right. We want you and your family to join us in this movement of making foster care fun!

Plan a family activity with your family. Give your foster kids a voice. Let them help plan it and make it happen.

Then, let us know in the comments section what you did and how it worked for your family. Help us create a resource for other foster families who might be looking for ideas and inspiration when it comes to family activities.

Call to Action!

  • Plan and execute a family activity.
  • Share your results in the comments section.

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Ben & Deb Pugh
The Foster Parents