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5 Simple Steps to doing a Family Meeting

We’ve talked about in the past about how we do family meetings and why they are important in our home. On today’s podcast we are going to talk about how we do family meetings in our home in 5 simple steps and how you can make them work in your home as well. Family meetings have a big role in helping the kids in your home feel like they a part of the family and team and a part of making decisions that affect them.

Step 1: Have a sheet posted where everyone can write down topics throughout the week that they’d meetinglike to talk about.

Step 2: Have a scheduled time when you hold your meeting.

Step 3: Have everyone get a turn to voice their opinion with a rationale (reason)

Step 4: Respect everyone and their opinions.

Step 5: Let everyone vote (on an idea, if something is fair, etc.)

If you haven’t heard us talk about family meetings before or missed the blog post you can check that out by clicking this link: 5 Reasons to do a Family Meeting.


Call to Action:

Setup and run a family meeting. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It will probably feel foreign and awkward if you’ve never done one before. Don’t let this scare you away. The more you practice this, the more your kids in your home will benefit from it.

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Ben & Deb Pugh
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