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Summer’s over. Now it’s time for the real FUN!

Highlights from our summer.

  • Our longtime foster daughter graduated from high school and Utah Youth Village.
  • Ben’s sister, who was adopted from Russia, was married in Kansas City Missouri.
  • While in Missouri, you might as well go to Silver Dollar City in Branson. So that’s what we did for 3 amazing days.
  • School trip to San Diego.
  • School Discipline Training in Las Vegas.
  • Deb’s family reunion riding 4 wheelers.
  • Ben’s family reunion in Duck Creek, Utah.

Struggles from our summer.

  • Ben was gone, a lot!
  • We had two of the toughest foster kids we’ve ever had.
    • They weren’t that bad…, well…
    • It wasn’t like they were intentionally tough or giving us a run for our money.
    • They were just young and needed more attention than we could give them.
      • Oh yeah, and we had to clean the bathroom at least every time they used it.
  • Ben hurt his back lifting weights.

What we’re working on now.

  • We are really focusing on building positive relationships with our current foster kid.
  • We are doing everything we can to include him and help him to enjoy his time in our home.
  • We are helping him develop skills, based on the positive relationships we are building with him.

Call to Action:

Let us know how your summer has been. What are some of your highlights, and maybe some struggles?

Thanks so much for listening. Stay tuned next week to hear more…

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Ben & Deb Pugh
The Foster Parents